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What is DCSig? ::
DCSig is a web application that processes stats from popular Distributed Computing projects like Folding@Home and then generates an image displaying this data in an easy to read format.

These images are generally used on webforums and websites to display the users progress with his teams DC project. DCS4 is our fourth version of this web application.

Custom Skin Examples:


DCS4 allows users to create their own custom sig skin, or use a preexisting version that meets their needs. Folding teams generally create their own skin that the team members can use.

Only F@H is supported currently, and SETI will be added soon. If you would like to use DCS4 for your other projects please let us know.

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DCS4 Features ::

Free use for all SETI & F@H teams.
Fully antialiased TTF fonts.
Fully customizable images and skins.
Multiple sources used for results.
Most up to date F@H stats possible.
No minimum team rank required.
Full SETI support coming soon.
User Threat & Overtake reporting.
Team Threat & Overtake soon.
GIF, PNG, & JPEG backgrounds.
Transparent GIF & PNGs supported.
Precached images for fast loading.
Highest webforum compatibility.
Contains nearly 72% love.
Information ::
Version: DCS v4.0.3 : Status: Live

DCS4 Quick Start Guide
DCS4 Basic Skinning Guide

Latest Stats Processing Log

Stats Processing Schedule:
Every 4hrs from Midnight EST

Account Statistics:
Number of F@H Teams: 359
Number of Users: 1713

Newest Member: BIGMAN131307
Joined On: 12-26-2016

Who Runs This Site ::

DCS4 was created by Player0 and is free for everyone to use. DCS4 is helped run by the LiquidNinjas.com staff, who can answer any questions you might have.

Donations to DCS4 are always welcome, and sponsorship will grant you some extra benefits such as unlimited skin creation and access to fields such as User Active CPU count.

Despammed PayPal Address:
paypal atthe liquidninjas dotcom
About DCSig.com ::
DCSig stands for Distributed Computing Signaturem, or DCS for short. DCSig is a web application that processes statistical data from popular online distributed computing projects, such as Folding @ Home or SETI @ Home, and formats this data in to easy to read graphical formats, such as a GIF image. DCS keeps up to 90 days worth of production data in order to generate interesting stats not found on the DC Projects own stats pages, such as average production, rank changes over time, rank threats and overtakes, etc. These images are highly customizable with the DCS skinning engine, allowing for custom graphics or stats to be displayed on an individual or team basis. These custom 'stat signature images' can then be displayed online in webforums, blogs, websites, and even things like Myspace.

DCSig began life back in June 2002 as a SETI stats project. Soon after, Folding @ Home became very popular in my community as well so support for that project was added and DCS Version 2 was born. In 2003, the much larger DCS Version 3 (DCS3) and contained 5x as much code as its previous version. DCS3 has enjoyed wide popularity for almost two years, although badly needing some much needed upgrades. DCS3 became too popular in fact and in the 2nd quarter of 2005 the number of teams supported by DCS3 had to be reduced in order to meet growing bandwidth strains on the system.

DCS4 was started in August, 2005 although planning had been going on for some time prior. DCS4 has gone live in December, 2004 and contains nearly 2x the code as Version 3. The primary goal for DCS4 was to make the platform much more stable and able to cope with the huge bandwidth demands of a popular web application. Most of the code increase has come from better handling errors, adding extra security measures to help prevent hacking, and the creation of the DCSig.com website to allow users to maintain their own accounts.

Other new features include the caching of static sig images instead of using the old dynamic image system. This helps to prevent server overload, but also allows much faster image loading times. The images will now also work on forums and websites that do not allow dynamic images to be displayed for security reasons. TTF fonts are now supported giving a much neater look to the images as well. The image rendering system has been much improved with better color palette support. Images are better optimized for another speed improvement. The F@H stats processing system has been overhauled and processes them much faster, allowing us to have the most up to date stats online. F@H stats also pull from three different stat sources, allowing DCS4 to display data hours ahead of most other stat sig programs. DCS4 also now supports Top 3 User Threats & Overtakes reporting. This will allow a user to display the next three people he will overtake on the rankings and when, as well as show him the next three people who are going to overtake him. This is a very popular stat that is generally only found on other html stat pages, not in stat images.

What is coming next for DCS? Work has begun on DCS Version 4.1 which I hope to complete by Spring, 2006. DCS4.1 will contain mostly features I promised for DCS4 but couldn't fit in due to time problems. SETI support will finally work again in DCS4.1. Custom TTF font uploading will be available for members who sponsor the DCS program. Team Threats & Overtakes MAY be added in 4.1 although it may also turn out to be impossible. The skinning engine should handle more than one row update at once. Merging DC accounts in the sigs may be possible. Animated GIF support may be possible. As always, if you would like to see a feature added, please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen. Since DCS4 is still new, its hard to say what features people might request for the next version and so everything is still in the air. It will at least have some cool new features and be a lot more refined and user friendly.

DCS / DCSig.com is Copyrighted © 2005 by Thomas R. Lamay. All rights reserved.
The content of this program and website are restricted and may not be distributed or altered or used without permission.